Secure Storage Manchester

Secure Storage Manchester

Secure Manchester Storage

With families growing, possessions accumulating and space in the home diminishing, trying finding a good household storage solution can be difficult. You may have downsized or you may have just had a few too many children, sometimes the attic just isn’t enough to store your excess possessions.

Simpsons removals offers a safe & secure household storage space for quite literally everything that you need temporarily cleared. From antique furniture, to artwork, to clothes and toys and even pot plants, we provide a secure and easy household storage solution.

  • Excellent storage rates for long term 
  • Free removal service for long term storage 
  • Size of storage required given by experts from amount of items listed 

How it Works

If you’re downsizing or moving into a rental while you renovate your home, our removal men will pack, load and deliver whatever you’re taking and the items that you’re storing will be packed specifically for storage. They’ll be loaded directly into containers on the lorry and we’ll then take them to our secure storage facility. If you’re not moving house but just suddenly discover you have too much stuff, it’ll work in exactly the same way, except quicker and without the stress of moving.

Protecting valuables and breakables

All items that go into storage are packed and wrapped very specifically in top quality materials and are loaded into the container in such a way that nothing can move so items don’t rub or bang against each other.

Other questions

Containers can obviously be delivered whenever you need, however if you’re only after one or two items then you can of course come to our storage facility and we will bring your containers out for you. Also when your item is too big for a container, we do have a secure loose storage facility also on site.

Self storage

Our household storage solution is an alternative to self storage but you do get similar access benefits as you would with self storage as well as the whole process being a lot easier. If you intend to put your items into storage for a relatively long time, then you will find self storage is significantly less cost effective.